Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral wound gasket is most widely used for sealing. It depends on the mechanical characteristics of a formed metal strip which works as a spring, offering a better resilience under fluctuated pressure & temperature.
Spiral Wound Gasket type:
R Type Spiral Wound Gasket: SWG with only filler and winding, suitable for high pressure and temperature applications for TG/male/ female flange.  
eg. SS304/FG
CGI Type Spiral Wound Gasket: SWG with inner and outer ring, for raised & flat face flange. 
eg. SS304/SS304+FG/CS
CG Type  Spiral Wound Gasket: SWG with only outer ring, for raised / flat face flange. 
eg. SS304/FG CS 
RIR Type Spiral Wound Gasket: SWG with only inner ring,  for  male  / female   flange. 
eg. SS304/SS304/FG 
H Type Spiral Wound Gasket: SWG for heat ex-changer.
S Type Spiral Wound Gasket: Special shape for special flange.
eg. Track, oval, diamond, square.  

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Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket
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China Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket Manufacturer HengTong Pipeline Co.,Ltd can supply Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket with inner and outer ring for raised or flat flange, SS304/SS304+FG/CS, ASEM B16.20